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Review: Fortune Cookie Soap (first order!)

Hi all!  So I got my first order from Fortune Cookie Soap about 3 weeks ago.  That’s been plenty of time for me to test out all the things I bought extensively.  Now, this wasn’t a huge order because of Project Finish 10 (I’m supposed to finish 10 bath products before ordering/buying any more).  And the only reason I did decide to order was because it was limited edition Hunger Games stuff 🙂  I adored the series and the movie so I just had to order some stuff from the collection.

So I ordered the Tiny Tribute Shampoo Bar and the Hunter Green Whipped Cream Body Butter.  In addition to my order I received a sample of Sweet Tart Martini Bubble Bar.  So that was an awesome little surprise!

Tiny Tribute Shampoo Bar
First off, look how adorable this is.  I love the little flower sprinkles on the top.  When I first smelled this out of the box I wasn’t sure I was going to like it.  Honestly it was too much floral for my taste.  After being out of the box for a while and using it for 3 weeks I can safely say that I love the scent.  It’s settled into the perfect perfumed flower scent.  As a shampoo, it can be a tiny bit drying.  For me I think this is mostly because I live in the desert and have to use conditioner no matter what.  With this I do find that it is easier to go to Day 2 Hair, so if that’s something you’re in to this is great.
Overall Grade: A-

Hunter Green Whipped Cream
Cute and simple packaging for this one.  I love the flaming fortune cookie!  Anyway, it’s a fresh, grassy scent.  It’s not girly in the least, but it certainly isn’t masculine.  It’s perfect for me.  I love it’s fresh scent.  It’s not heavily grassy, but if you don’t like grass this one might not be for you.  It’s a nice moisturizer.  It does keep my skin feeling soft all day and sinks in pretty quickly which I love.  The consistency is amazing, very whipped cream-esque.
Overall Grade: A+

Sweet Tart Martini Bubble Bar
To be honest, I haven’t tried this.  I don’t have a tub that’s usable as a bath tub, so this is going to be saved for when I get my new house.  The scent is amazing though.  Even my boyfriend said it smelled just like Sweet Tarts.  It’s a sweet candy smell that’s just divine.  And it’s not too sweet for me as I typically don’t like sweet scents (absolutely can’t stand LUSH’s Rock Star soap that everyone loves).

Have you tried any Fortune Cookie Soap products?  Which ones should I try out next when Project Finish 10 is over?  If you’re interested in any of these products than be sure to get them soon because April 30th is the last day to order any Hunger Games collection products.

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