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Review: TheGivingGirl Hair Ties on Etsy

I, for one, adore  One of my favorite sellers is TheGivingGirl (  She makes hair ties and headbands that are similar to those made by Twistband, but are way more affordable.  They come in solid colors and tie-dye.  They come in sets and she releases new sets on a weekly basis.  I haven’t tried the headbands as I would never use them, but I thought I’d review the hair ties for you guys.
+ 5-pack and 6-pack hair tie sets are $3.50
+ 4-pack hair tie sets are $2.90
+ 20 color set for $9.50
+ Grab bag sets are 6 for $2.90 and 10 for $4.10
My most recent order in their packaging
They are made of nice elastic and are heat sealed on the ends to prevent fraying.  They can be washed as well, but I probably wouldn’t do it too often as it can ruin the elastic.  I have quite thick hair, but these seem to be able to handle a high ponytail just fine.  They are supposed to prevent getting that dent in your hair that traditional bands leave, and I think they do to a certain extent.  I do tend to still have a little bend, but after about 5 minutes it goes away.  With a traditional band it usually takes my hair about half an hour to get that bend to go away.
Personally, I just bought these for the gorgeous colors, but they seem to perform quite well.  It’s silly actually because with as many as I have now, I don’t think I’ve used more than 4 because I don’t want them to wear out.
Top: Bright Yellow Unused Hair Tie
Bottom: Pale Yellow Well-loved Hair Tie
Speaking of wearing out, these do wear out (as do all hair ties) and probably a lot sooner than traditional bands.  These stretch out quite early in their life.  Although I did just have one traditional band wear out in 2 days, so maybe it’s my hair?  Even stretched out they seem to hold my hair up pretty well.
+ Cute colors
+ Affordable, especially compared to the designer brand ones
+ Super adorable either in your hair or on your wrist
+ Make a nice display on your vanity
+ Make good stocking stuffers or little gifts
+ Good quality
+ Wear out faster than traditional hair ties
+ More expensive than traditional hair ties
Since this is from an online source I’d just like to touch on the shipping times.  She gets these in the mail within 2 days of ordering.  They ship from VA via USPS and take about 4-5 days to get to me all the way out in CA.  Not the greatest ship time, but certainly not the worst considering I get letters from FL all the time that take even longer.
Bottom Line: A-, I can’t really give this a perfect score like I would like to since they do tend to wear out quicker than a traditional hair tie.
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