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7 Deadly Sins of Beauty: a YouTube tag

on August 6, 2012
This is definitely an old tag, but it seemed like fun.  I saw a bunch, but the first one I saw was from MissGlamorazzi.
1.       Greed: What are the cheapest and most expensive products that you own?
Cheapest is e.l.f. cream eyeliner in black that I got for $3.
Most Expensive is Clinique BB Cream that I got for $37.  At least that’s the one that I can remember.
2.       Wrath: What product do you have a love/hate relationship with?
I love my bareMinerals Matte Foundation for the feel and look, but it’s an absolute pain to work with and I always end up with a dust cloud no matter how careful I am.
3.       Gluttony: What’s your most delicious product?
Not that I go around eating my products, but the MAC Tendertones smell the most delicious.
4.       Sloth: What product do you neglect due to laziness?
Of the products that I actually use, concealer and eyeshadow are the ones that are going to be neglected if I’m in a hurry or feeling too lazy.
5.       Pride: What product gives you the most confidence?
Lip products, any and all lip products.
6.       Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Not that this has anything to do with beauty products, but kind eyes are something I find really attractive.
7.       Envy: What items would you like to receive as a gift?
In terms of beauty products, lip products and nail polish.  You can never go wrong with a pretty polish color.
That’s it folks.  Let me know your responses to this tag!

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