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Review: Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes

on September 22, 2012
Today’s review is about these cleansing wipes that I got at Sephora.  I can’t remember exactly why I bought them since I already had an open package of wipes, but I suppose that’s beside the point.  These babies cost $10 at Sephora for 25 wipes.  I know it seems a tad outrageous, but I think they’re worth it.
The packaging is fun and colorful, but is essentially the same as every other brand’s face wipe packaging.  I do wish that it came with the plastic re-sealable lid like the CVS brand ones, but overall I guess I can’t complain much.
The clothes themselves are soft and have the perfect amount of saturation.  They aren’t dry like I find the CVS ones to be (although after writing this review I found that the lavendar/nighttime ones from CVS aren’t drying) and they aren’t overly moist like the Ponds Morning Refresh ones are.  The cloth isn’t quilted though.  So if you prefer that type of texture, these aren’t going to be for you.
I think the best part about them for me is that the cleanser on the clothes doesn’t dry my skin out.  Virtually every other makeup wipe I’ve ever tried has left my skin pretty stripped of all natural oils and feeling like I need to immediately put on an entire bottle of facial moisturizer.
Overall Grade:A, I took off the plus because of the packaging.  Those little sticker things really don’t do it for me.  I adore these regardless though and will be repurchasing whenever I run out of all my makeup wipes.

One response to “Review: Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes

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