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So I’ve just finished importing my posts from Blogger.  I’ve decided that I think this will be better since I’m able to write it at work.  That’s really the only motivation.  So if you like my type of reviews and such, please comment and follow!

I’ll be updating all my old posts to conform better to the WordPress format, so bear with me.  I may also be changing my theme.  What do you guys think?  Like it?  Don’t like it?

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Review: Sally Hansen Insta-dri Anti-chip Top Coat

As I stated previously, I have been looking for my holy grail fast drying product for my nails. When one does her nails as often as I do, one needs a good quick drying product.

This one claims to have your nails set in 30 seconds and up to 10 days of wear.

As for my results, I did see that it set in 30 seconds. So technically it does live up to that claim. But let’s be clear. Nail color being set is different from being a rock solid manicure that you can rummage around your purse with and not get any marks in your nail color. I would guess that it probably took at least 5 minutes for my nails to be completely dry. Far longer than the Dry Kwik oil.

That being said though, the Dry Kwik did not help my manicure last any longer. This stuff does. It just doesn’t keep my manicure lasting as long as a typical top coat.  I’d be interested to see if either smudges/smears the nail color when doing nail art. I suppose that should be my next test :).

Overall Grade: A-. Probably great for someone that wants a quick dry top coat that helps your polish last longer. I’m just not very concerned with the length of time my polish lasts.

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NOTD: OPI If You Moust You Moust

This one is so similar to Essie Check-Up. If You Moust You Moust was a part of the Vintage Minnie collection. This pink is yet again another great one for summer. It’s just a little too bright for fall I think. Nonetheless, I love it. It applied smoothly and didn’t give me any patchy issues after 2 coats.

Below is 2 coats with Insta-dri on top.

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My Love for

Since the holiday season is coming up, I thought I’d let you guys know a little bit about my newest obsession.  Normal people have Pintrest or something like that.  I have, that’s just how I operate.  This is a pretty awesome site.  It lets you set up a wish list, or several, and send it to your friends and family.  Got a dad who will end up getting you an AutoZone gift card if you don’t tell him exactly what you want and where to get it?  This is perfect for you.
This site lets you put anything you can find online into one wish list site.  It lets whoever you give your URL to see what you want, what the price was on the day that you added it, and where someone could buy it.  There’s also a wish meter (a scale of 1 to 5) and people can “reserve” a thing to buy so that nobody else gets you the same thing.  I’m not sure if they have to have an account to as well or not, but I would kind of hope not.
I’m really enjoying this site.  I also have a bunch of private lists that are just so that I don’t forget something that I had wanted to get.  So that’s a nice feature.
Let me know down below if you’ve used this site before or if you plan to for this year’s holiday season.
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NOTD: Essie Check-Up

Great pink! This is another one from Essie’s Breast Cancer Awareness collection 2012. I think this one suits my skin tone better than I Am Strong.

Anyway, application was perfect at 2 coats. And it was nice, smooth application, as is usual for Essie.

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Review: Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer

So recently I’ve been trying out a couple new quick nail polish dryers.  This review is for the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer.  I had never heard of this before seeing it in Walgreens the other day.  So let’s clarify a misconception I had when I purchased it.  This is not a top coat.  Not that it claimed to be, but I assumed it was and it’s not.  It is a nail color drying oil.  It is supposed to dry your nail color fast and help nourish your cuticles.
The directions tell you to apply your nail color and wait 1 minute, and then apply this over both the nail and your cuticle area.  Being the good little direction follower I am, I did just that.
My results?  Amazing.  I’m pretty sure my nail color has never dried faster.  There was obviously a greasy residue left behind, but it’s an oil so what did you expect?  I was completely ready to go out the door 2 minutes and 1 hand wash later.  It may have taken less time, but I first tested it at the 90 second-ish mark and it was dry and I rubbed in the oil to my cuticles.

Overall Grade: A+.  For someone like me who changes her nail color pretty often, but is also on the go quite a big, this is perfect.  It won’t keep your manicure chip proof for long periods of time (just however long your polish would be chip free without a top coat), but it does make your nails dry quick.  I love this stuff!

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