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Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

on October 5, 2012
Hi all!  Today I’m finally getting around to posting about these nail polish strips.  The ones that I used are in the Sweet Tart-an pattern which I featured in a NOTD here.
I used a variety of different combinations of top and base coats to see if any one way prolonged the wear of these strips.  Unfortunately I could only stand to have them on for 6 days, but we’ll get to that later in my analysis.
Here’s what came in the box:
What Came in the Box
And this is all the extra stuff I needed to apply it:
Now, if you follow the instructions on the box, you don’t need a base or a top coat.  But like I said, I wanted to see if either would help prolong the wear time.
As for the application, it was kind of a pain.  Maybe it’s because this was my first go at them, but I ended up with a lot of wrinkles when it was on my nails.  Not cute!  I’m sure this was mostly because I’m new at this and had no idea what I was doing.  I don’t think these are a quick and easy thing though.  So if you think you can slap these on in 10 minutes and go out the door, please banish that thought from your mind.  Practice makes perfect though, so maybe if I try again it’ll be better.
I love the pattern though!
For the first 2 days I didn’t see any visible change.  I just realize what an absolutely terrible job I did.
Ick, look at that pointer finger…
By Day 3 though there was a fairly sizable chip on my right pinky.
I’m sure that was a wrinkle, so it was probably my bad on that.  Other than that, day 3 only saw some minor tip wear.  You know, just the usual.
Here’s a pic I took a day before I removed the polish:
I suppose it wasn’t so bad all things considered.  And I probably could have left them on for the full 10 days, but I just couldn’t stand them anymore.  I change my polish about once a week, but for bolder/darker colors I normally can only stand it being on for a few days.
With application being such a pain and wear time not being what was advertised (no matter whether I used a top coat, base, coat, both, or neither), I can’t say that I recommend these.  It’s such a shame since I really thought these were going to be amazing.  It’s back to regular polish for me!  I do have 2 more of these in springtime patterns though, so maybe next year I’ll give them another go.
Overall Grade: D+.  Great concept, but a fail on my part.  They just weren’t as easy to apply as traditional polish.
Have any of you tried these?  Did you find application to be as difficult as I did or were you a first time pro?

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