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Operation Untried Polish

on October 11, 2012
In another effort of mine (along with Project Pan 2.0) to save money and cut unnecessary spending, I’ve decided that I need to not buy any more nail polish.
As you can see, I have quite a bit that I haven’t even opened beyond checking the brush and consistency.  It’s quite shameful really.  I mean, I should be ashamed of myself for spending so much money on stuff that I don’t use.
So I’m going to be attempting to at least try all this polish that’s sitting in my basket so that I can either move it to its forever home with the rest of my nail polish collection or send it on its way to MakeupAlley swaps.  Until such a time where this basket is empty, there will be no more nail polish purchased.  The only exception is if it is limited edition, and even then it will have to be extremely special and will go into the basket with the other untried until I do try it and it can be moved.
Wish me luck!  Are you going to be joining me on my journey?  If so, let me know down below and we can be each other’s support!

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