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Review: Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer

on October 19, 2012
So recently I’ve been trying out a couple new quick nail polish dryers.  This review is for the Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer.  I had never heard of this before seeing it in Walgreens the other day.  So let’s clarify a misconception I had when I purchased it.  This is not a top coat.  Not that it claimed to be, but I assumed it was and it’s not.  It is a nail color drying oil.  It is supposed to dry your nail color fast and help nourish your cuticles.
The directions tell you to apply your nail color and wait 1 minute, and then apply this over both the nail and your cuticle area.  Being the good little direction follower I am, I did just that.
My results?  Amazing.  I’m pretty sure my nail color has never dried faster.  There was obviously a greasy residue left behind, but it’s an oil so what did you expect?  I was completely ready to go out the door 2 minutes and 1 hand wash later.  It may have taken less time, but I first tested it at the 90 second-ish mark and it was dry and I rubbed in the oil to my cuticles.

Overall Grade: A+.  For someone like me who changes her nail color pretty often, but is also on the go quite a big, this is perfect.  It won’t keep your manicure chip proof for long periods of time (just however long your polish would be chip free without a top coat), but it does make your nails dry quick.  I love this stuff!


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