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Review: Sally Hansen Insta-dri Anti-chip Top Coat

on October 31, 2012

As I stated previously, I have been looking for my holy grail fast drying product for my nails. When one does her nails as often as I do, one needs a good quick drying product.

This one claims to have your nails set in 30 seconds and up to 10 days of wear.

As for my results, I did see that it set in 30 seconds. So technically it does live up to that claim. But let’s be clear. Nail color being set is different from being a rock solid manicure that you can rummage around your purse with and not get any marks in your nail color. I would guess that it probably took at least 5 minutes for my nails to be completely dry. Far longer than the Dry Kwik oil.

That being said though, the Dry Kwik did not help my manicure last any longer. This stuff does. It just doesn’t keep my manicure lasting as long as a typical top coat.  I’d be interested to see if either smudges/smears the nail color when doing nail art. I suppose that should be my next test :).

Overall Grade: A-. Probably great for someone that wants a quick dry top coat that helps your polish last longer. I’m just not very concerned with the length of time my polish lasts.


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