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Review: LA Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads

on November 1, 2012

So I got these, along with 2 other products, with some Birchbox points.  I was skeptical of course, but I really wanted to try these so I got them anyway.  It includes 20 individually wrapped pads for $9.99 on  Not a great value, but they’re great for travel.


Before I opened the package I was getting flashback nightmares of nail polish remover pads that I’ve tried in the past.  They either didn’t take off the polish at all or didn’t take off the polish from all 10 fingers with one pad.

These actually did take off all the polish from all 10 finger nails!  I was so excited.  Granted, there were a few tiny areas around the edges of my nails that I missed, but I’m blaming that on user error due to bad lighting.  The scent was also pleasant enough as long as you don’t shove your nose into the pad.  It was a tad bit citrus, but not overpoweringly so.  Also, since these are acetone-free, they didn’t try out everything.  This is especially nice here in California where pretty much anything will dry out my skin.  I still put on my vitamin E cuticle and nail oil, but not right away like I usually do.

I did test these out with a regular, crème polish, so those are always the easiest to take off.  I’m not sure if these would hold up against a tough glitter polish, but hardly anything does so that doesn’t bother me much.

Overall Grade: A, would even be A+ worthy if I travelled more.  These are perfect for that.  They’re small and fit right into any bag easily for on-the-go removal.  It’s sort of a waste at home if you already have a bottle of nail polish remover or if you paint your nails more than 4 times a month, but I adore them.  I even think that I would repurchase them once my bottle of Zoya Remove Plus is gone.  But then I’d probably stop painting my nails once a week and we can’t have that.


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