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Project Pan 2.0: Update #1

on November 12, 2012

I’m a few days early on this, but I’m so excited for the post after it that I can’t help it.  Oh my goodness is this tough!  I have changed the rules a little bit, so those are right here:

1. No buying makeup, but I can buy skincare, hair care, and bath products.
2. Every 3 products that are mini/trial size will mean that I have to use up one more additional product (i.e. if 3 of my 10 products are mini size, than it will be a “Project 11 Pan”).  Samples that I receive in a subscription box will not be counted at all.
3. There is only 1 exception to the no buying makeup rule.  I can buy up to 5 holiday sets per holiday season.  I’m assuming this will take more than 1 year.  Once you see my holiday set haul you’ll see why I took off the part about mascara being an exception.

If you’d like to see my initial rules, check those out here.

Here’s what I’ve used up so far (sorry, no pictures except for what will be in my empties post):

1. L’oreal Colour Riche Balm in Caring Coral: wouldn’t repurchase, I just didn’t like the formula.
2. Fresh Sugar Rose mini: desperate to purchase the set of all the shades in mini form.  Darn you Project Pan 2.0 and not seeing it before I made my 5 holiday set purchases!
3. Bobbi Brown Lip Tint in Peony mini: wouldn’t repurchase even if it wasn’t limited edition.  It was way too gloopy.
4. Stila Lip Glaze in Blush: might repurchase, but not for a really long time.

Unfortunately, I have broken Project Pan already.  Just once though.  I really wanted to try making a cheaper/drugstore version of Raeview’s Chanel Holiday 2012 eye look.  I really do like the shadows in the Chanel palette, but $65 for a palette is just insanity.  I’ll link the post where I did her look with my makeup here.


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