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Review: FCS Itty Bitty Gritty Lip Scrub

on November 14, 2012

So today’s review is going to be on the Fortune Cookie Soap Itty Bitty Gritty Lip Scrub.  I’ve only started using the one that I got in my Fall 2012 Soap Box, but I have purchased 2 others.  So that’s probably an indication of how I feel about this product.  They cost $8.99 each and you’ll see how big of a size you get in the picture below.

First off, the packaging, it’s awesome.  I absolutely adore that it comes in a giant chapstick tube.  The sample size is the size of a regular chapstick tube, but the one that you can actually purchase is much larger. 

There are currently 6 “flavors” available, but they do tend to come and go.  I just purchased the caramel banana one.  It just sounded so interesting that I had to have it.  They also have Vanilla Mint, Kahlua, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Lemon Mint, and Irish Cream at the moment.

The texture is very gritty, so if you do have to be a bit careful with this.  They appear to just have huge chunks of sugar in them.  It does feel a little rough, but it really gets all the dead skin off, so I can live with the harsh sugar crystals.  The texture as you rub it around with your finger is kind of addictive.  I think they pack moisturizers in with the sugar, so afterwards it feels silky.  I always still put on a lip balm afterward, but it feels nice even without it.

Now, I don’t know if it’s edible (meaning you can lick it off your lips) like the Lush ones, but I have tended to lick it off at times.  Probably because I’m at work and can’t do much else if I don’t want it all over the place.

Overall Grade: A, there’s not much else I could ask this product to do.  Maybe be slightly less gritty?  I honestly don’t mind it too much, but I wouldn’t want to accidentally be too harsh with it and cut into my lip skin.


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