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Review: EOS Hand Cream

on November 16, 2012

I bought this on a whim because I needed a few bucks to use a coupon or something.  It was in those bins at the checkout in Ulta.  I can’t remember how much it cost, but I think it was about $4.99.  I got the cucumber melon scent, which is lovely.

As for the actual formula of this, let me know if it’s different per scent.  The one that I have doesn’t actually do anything for me.  It sinks into the skin quickly, but it also doesn’t moisturize very well.  In fact, I find myself applying this about 3 times as often as my beloved L’Occitane hand cream.  The good news is, I’ll be out of this stuff sooner rather than later.

Pros: pleasant scent, cute packaging, relatively cheap
Cons: doesn’t moisturize at all

Overall Grade: D.  Since I work in a cubicle and wash my hands relatively often, this stuff just doesn’t do it for me.  There’s plenty of other hand creams that are way better than this one.  It only got a D because the scent was nice and not overpowering.


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