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Random Thoughts – 11.28.12

on November 28, 2012

So I don’t do this often, but I had a small announcement and I thought I’d just make a random thoughts post out of it.

I got an email yesterday from Influenster saying that I was going to receive a box from them.  I am quite a bit skeptical though because I can’t remember giving them my address.  And I can’t find anywhere on their site that shows me that I can update it.  If I do end up getting it, I’ll be sure to post pictures and short reviews on here, of course.  Have any of you received a VoxBox from Influenster?  What’s it like?

Anyway, other than that I’ve just been procrastinating doing any more work on the house.  This weekend my boyfriend’s dad is going to help us with some plumbing so I’ll have plenty of time to patch the hole in the ceiling and take down the ceiling fan in the office so that I can finish the last bits of primer in there.  I can’t wait!  Literally can’t wait until it’s all done.  Painting is the worst, but then I get to set it all up exactly how I want it.  Once I get all the money together that is.

Speaking of money, I have fallen off the Project Pan 2.0 train.  It’s all good again, but apparently I’m like an addict.  Do you guys know of any good Project Pan support groups?  I really need one.  I’ve punished myself with 1 additional product for each $20 I spent on makeup beyond the 5 holiday sets that I had allotted myself.  I can’t believe that it’s so hard.  Why?  I used to go all the time without buying makeup.  This is going to probably take me years and be mostly lip products, if not exclusively lip products.

Guess that’s all I have to say.  I’ll talk to you guys later 🙂


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