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Review: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss

on November 30, 2012

So I got 6 of these in a set this holiday season.  So far I’ve only started using 1 of them in the shade Dreamer (it was one of my 5 products used up reward from Project Pan 2.0).  The set I got had 6 glosses, each 2.25 mL/0.07 fl. oz., for $25.  A full sized one, 4.5 mL/0.15 fl. oz., retails for $18.  This review is going to be strictly on the formula, but if you’d like to see a swatch of the shade I currently have open, let me know. 

The smell is distinctly peppermint.  Not in a tingly, hurting kind of way, but it’s definitely there.  And I just want you guys to be aware of it if peppermint is not your thing or if you have a particular sensitivity to it.  These are supposed to be plumping, but I don’t see any plumping effects (which is perfectly fine with me).

The applicator is a doe foot.  I do enjoy the way that these apply.  The doe foot picks up plenty of product, although I do have small lips so sometimes it can be a little bit too much product if I’m not careful.  When I’m wearing lipstick I do apply it with my fingers and that works out even better because I can better control exactly how much is going on and kind of pat it on instead of smearing it on.

The thing that I don’t particularly like is that it is sticky.  Not overly so in a way that makes me want to give all of mine away, but enough that if I’m not careful my hair will get caught in my lipgloss.  The slight sticky texture does help this gloss stay put though.  Even with all the eating and talking that I do (and I do eat quite a bit), I’d say that it lasts about 2-3 hours.  Which I think is pretty reasonable for a gloss.  And it means that I can maybe use it up in a timely manner!

Overall Grade: B+.  I do enjoy not having to reapply as often (even though I do kind of enjoy reapplying lip products).  And some of the colors are gorgeous.  The stickiness is really what brought down the grade here because I adore everything else about it.


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