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Review: Sally Hansen Gel Polish

on December 7, 2012

There’s not much online about these either, but they certainly aren’t as innovative as the Gel Polish Strips that I reviewed earlier.  I purchased this kit at Ulta for $69.99.  I got the color Shell We Dance, mainly because it was a nice, neutral, sheer color that I could wear at work for weeks on end without someone looking at me like I’m some tart.

This starter kit came pretty well stocked.  Perhaps not enough for 10 manicures, but at least this type from Sally Hansen lets you buy the individual pieces seperately (except for the light which you do have to purchase in the starter kit).


I probably should have picked a brighter color so you could see it better, but I think my application was perfect.  It was much easier to apply than the strips and took about 40 minutes to do both hands.  I’m sure I’d improve my time with practice though.  I was surprised at how easy it was to apply.

Yet again though, this did not wear on me for the full 2 weeks.  Granted, my nails weren’t in terrific shape when I applied this, so maybe that would have made a difference.  I got to Day 4 before seeing some tiny bits of chipping due to a nail splitting.  After Day 6 I had to remove it from my index finger and thumb on both hands due to the chipping really getting to me.

That’s just some appalling chipping.  To be fair to this polish though, the other 6 fingers remained relatively perfect all the way until I removed it on Day 12.  I am an engineer and had been doing some equipment testing (meaning my nails took a beating for the past 2 weeks), so that may be why the thumbs and index fingers all got chipped to bits.

The removal process was pretty effortless.  It was extremely drying though and I’ll be applying my Vitamin E Nail Oil twice a day for the next week I think.  I don’t think it’s damage, but it’s definitely rough and will need some TLC before I do anything more than regular polish for a while.

Overall Grade: C+.  Honestly, if it weren’t for the rough nails after removal, I’d probably rate this a B+.  I’ll continue to purchase other colors though, but probably only 2 since I won’t be doing this all the time.

Have any of you tried this stuff?  What did you think?


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