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Open Box: FCS Winter 2012 Soap Box

on December 11, 2012

This quarter’s box was super adorable.  The theme was The Grinch.  As always, everything was packaged very well and it all showed up in my mailbox in good condition.

Isn’t it so adorable??  Anyway, below is a picture of all the products.  I shall be jumping right in to what I think of everything since there’s 8 products in this box to get through.

  1. Cindy Lou Who Roll On Perfume – This was such a light and sweet scent.  I think it’d be perfect for in the spring.
  2. Whobilation OCD – This one has some super adorable sparkles in it.  And I think it smells absolutely amazing!  Too bad it doesn’t come in anything other than an OCD.
  3. Cheer Monger Body Wash – This wasn’t my cup of tea.  It smelled too much of chocolate, which probably makes most people swoon.
  4. Dear Santa, I Can Explain… Personal Space – It smells like a sweet Christmas tree.  Yeah, pretty much exactly like a sweet Christmas tree.  I love it as a room spray!
  5. Holiday Cheermeister Fortune Cookie Soap – Yeah, this smells exactly like carrot cake.  So delicious smelling that I have to make sure not to eat it myself.
  6. Naughty/Nice Bath Fizzy – Okay, so I’m a little upset that this only comes in bath fizzies.  Mainly because I love this scent!  I can’t describe it, but it smells lovely.
  7. Pinch of Grinch Whipped Cream – Such a fantastic, fresh scent.  It smells a bit like the Hunter Green Whipped Cream from the Tribute collection, but less like grass.  I adore it and if I didn’t already had a billion whipped creams to get through I’d be buying this one up.
  8. Goody Goody Gum Drop Hydrate Me – Let’s just say first that these are adorable.  Just the cutest things.  Unfortunately for me it smells too sweet smelling.  Exactly like a really sugary candy.

Are you as obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap as me?  I’ve had to put myself on a no-buy of all bath products because I’ve accumulated so much now.


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