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Review: PopCorner Popped Corn Chips

on December 13, 2012

So I was super hungry at work one day and gave these a go.  I believe that they come in 5 flavors, but I’ve only tried 2 (white cheddar and kettle).

White Cheddar was full of flavor when you first put it in your mouth, but after chewing it just tasted like cardboard.

Kettle, on the other hand, was actually pretty tasty.  I don’t know what the difference really was in how they make them, but Kettle actually tasted quite a bit like kettle corn.

Overall Grade: C-.  They were kind of pricey I think (as any “health” food is) and the flavor just wasn’t there.  It’d be better to just take a low cal popcorn and flavor it yourself.

Have you tried these?  What did you think?


One response to “Review: PopCorner Popped Corn Chips

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