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Review: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Makeup

on December 18, 2012

So I’ve been really into trying new foundations for no reason at all.  Luckily the lady at the counter was nice enough to let me have a sample of this to try before I buy.  You can buy this wherever Clinique is sold for $27 and you get 1 oz. of product.  It currently is available in 12 shades, but I would assume that they will come out with their full color range eventually.

I’m currently in shade 6 Ivory right now (according to the helpful lady at the counter).  I think in summer I would probably be in shade 8 Golden Neutral like I am in their other foundations.  Once they come out with their full range, I’m sure more people will be pleased.  Unfortunately, as is with most Clinique foundations, they don’t really cater to those that are extra pale.

They market this as being able to soften and blur visible pores.  I’m not exactly positive about that.  I immensely enjoy this formula, but I don’t think it does much for my pores.  You also have to use a primer with this or it won’t last all day.  Not a huge deal for me, but it could be a deal breaker for you.  The formula itself is very smooth and lightweight.  Coverage is sheer-light, but I think it pretty buildable.  Since I don’t particularly look for high coverage, this is great for me.

L – Primer and Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Makeup
R – Bare Face

As you can see, coverage isn’t awesome.  It’s perfect for me, but if you have any issues you’d definitely need concealer or a higher coverage foundation.  It does manage to cover my slight hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, so that’s really all I need/want.  And please excuse my hair.  I don’t know what was going on with it this morning.

Overall Grade: A+.  This is my favorite foundation, but I don’t think that it’s for you if you need/want high coverage or if you think it’s going to do something for your pores.


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