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Review: More from TheGivingGirl on Etsy (warning: long w/ numerous pics)

on December 29, 2012

So I know that I’ve already done a review on this brand (?) before, but this is for most of the other products in her line.  If you want to know about her regular hair ties, click here.  You can purchase any of her products on her Etsy here.

She has since added braided hair ties, braided headbands, hair ties with charms, bow hair ties, printed hair ties, and glitter hair ties to her line.  I’ve also finally got around to trying out the regular style headbands.  I’m not a huge headband person, but she did send me a pair of them with one of my orders.


So first off I’m going to talk about the regular headbands.  I’ve only used these in the capacity of pushing my hair back to wash my face or put on makeup, so my viewpoint is limited to that.  They do really well for my purpose though.  They don’t feel tight like some other bands do that are of this style.  And they do keep my hair away from my face long enough to wash it and put on makeup.  They’re great if that’s all you need them to do, but I don’t think they’d stand up to a lot of physical exercise (but again, I haven’t used them for that so you should try them out yourself).

Next up are the braided hair ties.  These come in sets of 2 or 3 and so far she only has 8 sets.  I think these are so much cuter on the wrist than the regular hair ties, but they are definitely stiffer.  This makes sense since it’s 3 of the regular hair ties braided together.  They look super cute in your hair as well, but do know that they don’t stretch quite as easily (which could be a good thing in terms of longevity).


Next are the braided headbands.  I believe that she only has a few of these so far and they only come in her combination sets.  I adore this one.  And if it was in more natural colors I’d wear it more often.  Please Jennifer, come out with more of these!!  Anyway, these hold hair back better than their regular counterparts.  I highly recommend these ones since they’re just so cute :).


The hair ties with charms come in a pack of 3, 1 with a charm and 2 plain hair ties.  I got the one with the snowflake since it was so adorable.  These act exactly the same as the regular hair ties.  The charm is cute, and I think a nice addition if you’re looking for something a little bit extra.  They’re definitely cuter than the TwistBand version of the “charmed” hair tie.

The bow hair ties also work exactly the same as the regular ones.  I just find these absolutely adorable.  Kind of childish looking, but I still love them.  They’re just so cute that I couldn’t help myself, I got a bunch of them in a custom order that I requested from her.


The pattern hair ties don’t have very many options yet.  This one came in a set with 4 regular style hair ties.  The pattern doesn’t seem to stretch out very quickly.  It stays pretty clear all the way through the time comes to toss it and start using another.


And lastly are the glitter hair ties.  These are really well glittered.  At first I was a skeptic about how well the glitter would show up and everything (her pictures don’t really do them justice).  This gold one is just so darn festive, although she did make 3 sets of Christmas themed ones that are adorable as well.  And, of course, that meant that I had to pick them all up :).  These are stiffer than the typical hair tie since there’s glitter weaved all throughout the hair tie itself.  The glitter does shed a little, but I think I was a little rough with this one as I was testing it out.


Overall Grade: A+.  I’m pretty sure it’s no surprise that I love her products.  They’re fairly inexpensive and super cute!

Have you tried any of these items?  Would you?


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