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Makeup Collection & Storage – January 2013

on January 9, 2013

So, now that I’ve finally found cute storage containers and such I thought I’d do a collection and storage post.  This does not include my nail polish as that is still currently in 2 bins (1 tried bin and 1 untried bin).  These containers don’t have their permanent home yet as I’m still working on the office.

Here it all is.  I’ve got the drawer set as my major storage.  It currently has that Clinique palette on top since it doesn’t fit in any of my storage containers :(.  Top to bottom is lips, eyes, and then face.  Next to the drawer set are my Project Pan Rewards and my unopened/untried products as well as my false lashes.  Lastly there’s my current makeup bin.  That’s all the makeup I’m currently trying out or trying to use up.  This is a rotating type thing and it has forced me to use products that may not be getting a lot of love from me normally.

L-R: Face Drawer (#3) and Lip Drawer (#1)

L-R: Eye Drawer (#2) and Clinique Palette

Current Makeup

As you can see, I don’t keep my current lip products in here.  I keep all of my current lip products in my purse in a little pouch with some other things.  This is due to so many touch up and the fact that I switch what lip product I wear throughout the day.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’m just addicted to lip products.

L-R: Project Pan Rewards and Unopened/Untried Products+Lashes

Oh how I love my lip products.  Yes, all of my PP Rewards are lip products.  The unopened bin is mostly mascaras since I got that Lash Stash from Sephora this past Christmas.  It was way more economical that way since who actually uses up a full-size tube of mascara in time before you have to toss it?

So yes, I do think I own too much makeup.  Most specifically I think I own too many lip products as the rest of my collection is pretty reasonable.  Am I a bit ashamed to show you guys?  Yes.  And I’m hoping that this will help me realize that I own a lot of great products already so I don’t need any more.

Share with me your collection.  Do you think I own too much makeup?


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