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Random Thoughts – 1.16.13

on January 16, 2013

Yeah, so I’ve been really slacking on the posting front haven’t I?  I’ve just been so busy and I’m really getting strict with myself about this whole no-buy Project Pan 2.0 situation.  I’m just running out of ideas for things to post about.  I have a few reviews in the works of things that I tried over the winter holidays, but other than that I’ve got nothing.  What should I write about??

I’ve just been painting my house and planning the wedding.  It’s just been a lot of stuff to get done.  I  have a lot of cute little DIY projects that I need to get done for organizational purposes as well.  I’m going to make a nail polish rack for in the office (inside the closet is where I’m going to be putting mine).  I’m also making a palette to depot this giant Clinique palette.  I love their shadows, but this palette doesn’t fit in my makeup storage and if I can’t make them all fit then it has to go.  It’s just another part of my Project Pan 2.0 situation.

Anyway, send me some ideas for posts.  I’ll be posting more NOTDs as soon as my nails start behaving again.


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