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NOTD & Review: Sally Hansen French Mani in French Twist


So I thought I’d do a really quick review on these.  They are supposed to look like a french manicure.  Honestly though, I could do a regular french manicure with nail polish faster than this.  And the strips are pretty thick.  In fact, the thickness of these bothered me so much that I ended up taking it off the same night as I put them on. 

On the upside though, I have finally got the hang of applying these strips and not having any wrinkles!  So that’s something good right?

Overall Grade: D-.  It’s a really cool concept, but seriously, just use nail polish ladies and skip out on these all together.

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Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to NailLuxxe for nominating me :).  I feel really honored to have been nominated.

click the pic for more information on this award!

Unfortunately I don’t have any bloggers to nominate :(.  Honestly, I don’t think I even read 15 blogs.  And most of the ones that I do read aren’t new bloggers.  I will give you 7 random facts about me though.

  1. My absolute favorite color is red, but I’m intimidated by it as makeup/nail polish.
  2. I keep making resolutions to post more often, but it’s the years when I don’t make that resolution that I post the most often.
  3. I am a major procrastinator.  Like I still have yet to finish painting the inside walls of a tiny 4′ x 5′ closet.
  4. I currently own 48 lip products, not including lip balm.  I’m a major lippie junkie.  It’s a sickness and I need to get it fixed.
  5. I’m getting married at the end of September this year 🙂
  6. My favorite number is 8 and it appears 4 times in my birth date.
  7. Besides makeup and nail polish, I’m a huge craft supply hoarder.  I’m working on getting my new Etsy business up and running, so I’ll do a quick post on that at some point.  I might even make a new WordPress blog for just my crafting stuff.
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NOTD: China Glaze Dress Me Up


This is 2 coats of China Glaze Dress Me Up (part of the Hunger Games collection).  On the ring finger and the tip of the index finger is 1 coat of Essie Pure Pearlification (part of their LuxeEffects line).  I absolutely adore that top coat!  This mani lasted me quite a bit, probably because I used Zoya base and top coat.

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Review: Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick


EmilyNoel raved about these in her Emily Awards.  I had to try them since I am in love with pretty much all of the chubby pencil tinted balms.  The color I got was Perfect Plum (I think).


Honestly, I was impressed by it at first.  The moisture was there at first, but I didn’t think that it lasted all that long.  And I really didn’t like this color.  It was way too frosty for me.  It ended up being tossed in the trash (which I know is a waste, but I was never going to wear it).

Overall Grade: D+.  I can’t get past the lack of moisture and the frostiness.  Seriously, I would spend the extra bucks and get a Clinique or Tarte one.

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My Current Nail Polish Collection – 2.2.13


So I figured it was about time I posted a nail polish collection.  I just made this nail polish rack a few weeks ago and I’m still tweaking exactly how my polishes are organized.  I know one of the shelves is off kilter, but I don’t know how to fix it without redoing the whole rack.  Which I may do anyway at some point.

Row 1: Nail art polishes, glitter top coats, nail art stickers
Rows 2-4: Polishes that I’ve tried (actually in the picture row 4 is the start of the untried polishes, but I want to only have 1 row of untrieds)
Row 5: Untried polishes
Row 6: Right now it’s the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, base coats, and top coats, but I want it to be my nail appliques, gel polishes, base coats, and top coats

So there you have it, my entire nail polish collection!

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NOTD: Sally Hansen Firefly


Oh my goodness was this a gorgeous polish!  It is part of the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine range and it honestly makes me want to get all the other colors of this formula.  I even got my camera phone to pick up the colors shifting from my office light (so you know that it’s not just one of those duochromes that only works in sunlight).  The picture is showing up pretty true-to-color, except for the yellow/gold is a tiny bit more green in person.  The more I wore this polish, the more I loved it.

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