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Versatile Blogger Award!

on February 25, 2013

Thank you so much to NailLuxxe for nominating me :).  I feel really honored to have been nominated.

click the pic for more information on this award!

Unfortunately I don’t have any bloggers to nominate :(.  Honestly, I don’t think I even read 15 blogs.  And most of the ones that I do read aren’t new bloggers.  I will give you 7 random facts about me though.

  1. My absolute favorite color is red, but I’m intimidated by it as makeup/nail polish.
  2. I keep making resolutions to post more often, but it’s the years when I don’t make that resolution that I post the most often.
  3. I am a major procrastinator.  Like I still have yet to finish painting the inside walls of a tiny 4′ x 5′ closet.
  4. I currently own 48 lip products, not including lip balm.  I’m a major lippie junkie.  It’s a sickness and I need to get it fixed.
  5. I’m getting married at the end of September this year 🙂
  6. My favorite number is 8 and it appears 4 times in my birth date.
  7. Besides makeup and nail polish, I’m a huge craft supply hoarder.  I’m working on getting my new Etsy business up and running, so I’ll do a quick post on that at some point.  I might even make a new WordPress blog for just my crafting stuff.

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