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Review: Aveeno Ezcema Therapy

on March 27, 2013


This stuff = AMAZING!  Honestly, it’s terrific.  I first heard about it on YouTube from Jen (organizedlikejen, TheBusyBeeBuzz, myhousewifelife, etc.).  She and her husband have been using it this winter to combat their dry skin issues.

I’ve had my fair share of dry patches that come and go all year round.  There was one spot on my face that was really bothering me and I thought I’d give this a shot.  I used it 3 times and the thing was completely gone for good.  And let me tell you, I tried a bunch of stuff on it.  I’ve had similar results on all the other dry spots I’ve gotten since trying this.  It’s definitely my go-to product from now on.

Overall Grade: A+.  This is holy grail material for me.  I’ve never seen anything so effective.  I figured it would take a week to clear everything up, if it cleared it up at all.   This stuff cured my dry spots completely within 2-3 applications.


One response to “Review: Aveeno Ezcema Therapy

  1. I love Aveeno, I will never stop using it!! I have eczema but haven’t tried this exact product. I use Aveeno cream/lotion and you can get it on prescription – best moisturiser ever ❤ *****

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