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Review: Moody Sisters from Etsy

on May 7, 2013

So, I finally finished about a million lip balms and so it was time to try out another.  As I’m all about helping small businesses, I jumped on Etsy and found trillions of sellers that make lip balm.  I shall be trying out a new seller every time I need a new lip balm until I find my holy grail.

The Moody Sisters seemed to be pretty popular so I thought I’d give them a whirl.

As you can see, I tried the Mischieveous Mint lip balm.  They were also super sweet and sent me a sample of the dry skin cream to try.  Now for the unfortunate part. 

I’ll start with the skin cream.  The texture of this was really strange.  I don’tknow if it was about to go off or what, but it was almost hard, but oily.  And it felt really gritty when I was putting it on.  As this is marketed towards sensitive skin people with ultra dry skin I thought I could put this on my very sensitive legs.  Yeah, not so much.  This stuff was super oily and never seemed to sink in (thank goodness I tried this at night huh?).  And then it proceeded to make my legs break out with weird bumps that were pretty itchy.

Luckily I had slightly better luck with the lip balm.  That’s not really saying much though.  It arrived slightly melted, but that didn’t surprise me as I like in hot California.  After letting it harden I put it on and thought that it felt okay.  This feeling did not last long.  It didn’t dry out my lips like SoftLips does, but it certainly didn’t keep them moisturized for more than 30 minutes.  The scent is quite minty, like a stronger version of what the Tarte LipSurgence smells like.  I didn’t find it very nice, but it didn’t offend me.

 + $3.95 for the lip balm
 + $18.50 for a full-size version of the cream they sent as a sample
+ $2.25 for shipping, this varies based on items you purchase

Overall Grade: C.  Unfortunately, these products were pretty average.  The lip balm isn’t something spectacular, even the scent isn’t something fantastic.  And the cream broke me out, but I suppose it could be considered moisturizing if you discount that fact.


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