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Review: Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint

on June 12, 2013

So, this is another one of the pencils that I picked up during the holiday season, the last of the formulas that I’m going to review. The one I’m showing is called Elite. It’s a nice, warm coral shade. In a swatch it leans more pink, but on the lips it does lean a bit more true coral. Each pencil is typically $24, so if you like them you should always buy them in a set.


The Natural Lip Tint formula is nice and creamy and smooth. It feels really nice going onto the lips. It can be built up, but I wouldn’t suggest putting more than 2 layers on at a time. Any more than that and I’ve experienced massive lip peeling. This is my favorite of all the finishes of the LipSurgence Lip Tints. This one just goes on so smoothly and leaves a beautiful stain on the lips.


Lasting power is pretty fantastic considering that I can wear it and it doesn’t immediately dry my lips out like a stain typically does. I would say that on my lips (with constant eating, drinking, and talking) it lasts 3-4 hours. For me, that’s pretty good.


Overall Grade: B+. I like them, but they’re not holy grail for me. This particular color isn’t great on me and while I like the formula, it doesn’t make my lips feel extra nice or anything. And after the first hour, it just feels like a regular lipstick on me.


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