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Review: M by Staples Arc Notebook System

on June 14, 2013

So, I know these are pretty old and have been around, but I thought I’d throw out my review as well since I just heard about them and have a couple of them now. About 2 weeks ago I purchased 2 of these notebooks and a bunch of accessories. I got one of the poly cover kind and one of the leather kind, both in the junior size. I also got the poly zip pouches, dividers, a ruler, and pocket dividers. I plan on using the poly cover one as my craft/Etsy notebook and the leather one as my planner/blog notebook.


I never thought I’d be so in love with notebook type product, and I have loved quite a few office supplies in my time. What I like about these are how affordable they are compared to other discbound notebooks. I’ve been intrigued by discbound notebooks for a while, but I could never justify buying one to try out. The junior size of the poly version is only $7.99 and the accessories are resonably priced as well (starting at just $2.99). The only expensive thing in the line is the punch for if you want to make your own custom pages or punch pages you have to fit into your notebook. The punch itself is $39.99, which is expensive, but still cheaper than the other brands. Once I get a good coupon for Staples that’s the first thing I’m going to get. I really need one to punch all of my custom pages. I’m so excited!


Overall I think the quality is quite nice on these notebooks. The dividers and covers seem quite sturdy and the lined paper that comes with them is a good weight. I haven’t seen any bleed through with my beloved FriXion pens.

Overall Grade: A. It would be an A+ if that punch wasn’t so pricey.

Do you have an Arc notebook? Will you be purchasing one?


2 responses to “Review: M by Staples Arc Notebook System

  1. Amanda says:

    I personally love the Arc system. I actually run an Arc blog ( – it’s really given me a new sense of freedom about how I organise and note-take!

  2. […] the end of last year I came across the M by Staples Arc notebooks.  I have a review of them here.  At the time I didn’t have a lot of them, but I have full-blown Arc fever I think.  […]

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