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Open Box: Summer 2013 Soap Box

on June 23, 2013


Holy bananas have I been waiting for this to come along. I just love all the summer scents normally. And who doesn’t love getting a soap box? I know I look forward to mine every quarter and this box certainly didn’t disappoint.



“One in a Melon” Fortune Cookie Soap – Let me just start by saying that this soap just looks so adorable. I almost don’t want to use it. As for the scent, the description is spot on. It smells exactly like a watermelon Jolly Rancher.

“I Scream, You Scream” Sugar Scrub – I’m so glad they sent one of these as I’ve been dying to try out their sugar scrubs for a while now. This one’s description mentions vanilla, strawberries, and chocolate, but I don’t smell any of the strawberries. It’s a shame too because I love strawberries. Anyway, it smells like a sugary vanilla with a hint of cocoa.

“Body Shot” Don’t Be Jelly! – I think this is supposed to be in the same vein as the LUSH shower jellies. I love this type of product, but this scent is definitely way better than any LUSH scent. It’s a divine raspberry lemonade scent that I think I’ll want to get a lot more of. Do be aware though that this melts in the mail very easily. Just pop it in the fridge and it’s good to go though.

“Aquaholic” Sea Salt Hair Spritz – This smells like a pina colada. And it’s my favorite scent of the box I think. I received a sample of this scent with a previous order and I just knew I’d be buying more stuff in it. And now I know its name!

“Mother Pucker” Shower Steamer – This was a very fresh and floral scent. And out of all these scents it was my least favorite. I think it was just too much of a powdery scent for me. I’ll have to try it in the shower to see if the scent is better once released.

“What? It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!” Whipped Cream – This is described on the card as smelling like a fruity cocktail. I tend to agree. It’s like an extra sweet fruity cocktail. Not my favorite scent, but not so offensive to my nostrils that I tossed it immediately. I love the whipped cream formula so I’ll definitely be bringing this on my next trip.

“Do You Salsa or Mango?” OCD Hand Sanitizer – I really wish they would stop sending these hand sanitizers every single box. I must not go through hand sanitizer like they do. It’s a lovely formula, but I just don’t use hand sanitizer that often. As for the scent, it smelled mostly like a fresh mango with the tiniest hint of cilantro. I didn’t really get any of the lime or chile. Honestly though, it was a bit powerful for me in hand sanitizer format.

“…Where the Sun Don’t Shine” Solid Sunscreen Stick – What an interesting scent. It’s supposed to be a coconut and banana scent. When you first get a whiff the coconut really hits you, but as you exhale the banana comes through. I’m not sure I like solid sunscreen. It just seems like it’s asking for trouble. I’ll give it a whirl though while I’m on vacation this June since I like the scent.

Do you get the Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box? What are your favorite scents from this summer’s box? Mine were Aquaholic, Body Shot, and One in a Melon.


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