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Review: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipsticks & Lipliners

I purchased both the Lipstick in Break Away and the Lipliner in Thrilled from my local Ulta.  The lipsticks retail for $18 and the lipliners retail for $15.  Thank goodness for 20% coupons, right?  Not that I wouldn’t purchase them at full price, but coupons are always good.

SAM_2439 SAM_2443

Anyway, the packaging for both is this sleek black color that bareMinerals seems to be using quite a bit on all their new stuff lately.  The lipsticks feature the nifty little locking mechanism button and a coordinating color label on the bottom of the lipstick with the name on it.  The lipliners have a fun little rubber grip and the color displayed at the end of the pencil.  These liners are the twist up version, no sharpener required thank goodness.  At $15 for 0.01 oz/0.4 g, this is not something I want to waste in sharpening it.

Both products smell faintly of peppermint, but they don’t have that tingling sensation at all.  The lipglosses that are also a part of this range do tingle however.


L-R: Thrilled lipliner, Break Away lipstick

There are 18 lipstick colors and 10 lipliner colors in the permanent collection.  And I think I’m going to want almost all of them.  Break Away Lipstick and Thrilled Lipliner are both a great mauve color.  Definitely in the MLBB range, but for fall as they do lean a tad cool.  I’m not entirely sure why I picked these colors since we’re in the heat of summer, but I will definitely be getting a lot more use out of them when fall rolls around.


Bare Lips

Lips with Thrilled lipliner

Lips with Thrilled lipliner

Lips with Thrilled lipliner and Break Away lipstick

Lips with Thrilled lipliner and Break Away lipstick

The lipstick is perfectly creamy.  So creamy and smooth in fact, that I enjoy wearing it all on its own, without even a tiny bit of lip balm underneath.  It definitely doesn’t dry out my lips.  I almost think that it leaves my lips in better condition than when I put it on, if that’s even possible with a lipstick.  Without any primer or lipliner underneath I find this color lasts about 2-4 hours depending on how much talking I do.  That’s pretty comparable to the other lipsticks that I own.  The deeper colors probably wear for longer though.

The lipliner is also really creamy and smooth feeling.  There’s absolutely no tugging on the lips here.  It’s fantastic.  This product also doesn’t dry out my lips, although it doesn’t seem to moisturize them either so I do tend to put on a lip balm and let that sink in before I put this on.  For me, this liner lasts about 4 hours on its own unless I’m eating something.  That’s loads longer than the other liner I have (which admittedly is drugstore and wasn’t worth it).  I never used to wear lipliner, but I feel like with the smoothness of this one, I’d actually be inclined to use them.

When combined my lip color stays on for 4-7 hours depending on how much talking/eating I’m doing.  To be fair though, I don’t mind reapplying this stuff at all so longevity isn’t really an issue for me.  They both just feel so nice gliding on to my lips.

Lipstick Overall Grade: A.  My only complaint is the cost and lack of a large color range, but even that isn’t a big deal for such a great product.  I can’t wait to test out some deeper colors.

Lipliner Overall Grade: A+.  I can’t find one thing to complain about with this product.  If I was getting really nitpicky I suppose I could say that the cost bothers me, but even that doesn’t really bother me all that much.

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Summer 2013 Empties!

Whoo, so another season has come and gone.  I’ve used up a bunch of stuff and that’s super exciting.  Unfortunately, a lot was samples.  Oh well.


  1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: would repurchase if I was in the market for a bugdet tinted moisturizer
  2. FCS Fortune Cookie Soap in Snow Bunny: wouldn’t repurchase this scent
  3. B&BW Hand Soap in Cucumber Melon: would repurchase, it’s a lovely scent for my kitchen
  4. bareMinerals Balance & Boost Mineral Veil: wouldn’t repurchase this particular mineral veil, but I did enjoy it while I had it
  5. B&BW Body Lotion in Wild Citrus Sunflower: wouldn’t repurchase
  6. Up & Up Makeup Remover Wipes: already repurchased and will continue to do so
  7. FCS Fortune Cookie Soap in Holiday Cheermeister: wouldn’t repurchase
  8. FCS Whipped Cream in Honey Dew Me: would repurchase, in fact I did get it in the body wash
  9. 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: would repurchase
  10. FCS Don’t Be Jelly in Body Shot: love the scent, but product doesn’t lather well
  11. Urban Decay Primer Potion sample: would repurchase, but not my favorite eye primer
  12. Clear Brand Conditioner: would repurchase, but I am taking a short break from the Clear brand
  13. FCS Body Wash in Cheer Monger: wouldn’t repurchase this scent, but the body washes are awesome
  14. FCS Fortune Cookie Soap in White Elephant: would repurchase
  15. Boscia Oil-Free Nightly Hydration: would repurchase
  16. Origins Checks & Balances Cleanser sample: NEED in my life!
  17. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild: would repurchase if packaging changed, water got in and it really diluted it
  18. bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser sample: would repurchase
  19. FCS Bar Soap sample in I Scream, You Scream: not my favorite scent
  20. bareMinerals Lash Domination sample: wouldn’t repurchase (check out my upcoming review for why)

So I suppose you could say this season was a success.  I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.  Hopefully the wedding/honeymoon won’t interfere too much.  I’ll have to pre-post stuff, if I have any to pre-post.

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