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Open Box: Winter 2013 FCS Soap Box

on November 24, 2013

So sadly I think this is going to be my final soap box.  As much as I adore FCS products, I can’t just can’t keep getting these boxes with stuff I can’t/won’t use (i.e. the bathtub products).  If they should ever make one that is for showers only I would probably sign-up again though.  This gives me a chance to use up all of my products that I have though.


This season’s soap box is themed after Nightmare Before Christmas, as you can see.  And all of these scents just really made me happy except for one, but we’ll get to that in a second.  This box was so much better than the Fall one which surprisingly I didn’t like at all.


Now I’m just going to go over what I thought of each scent.

  1. Jack Bath Fizzy – this is one of my absolute favorite scents this season.  It’s a light, airy lemon with a hint of peppermint.  It’s amazing!
  2. Sally Fortune Cookie Soap – Let’s just say that I absolutely think this is the cutest fortune cookie.  Anyway, the scent is like freshly laundered clothes.  I like it, but I’m not sure I’d want it in everything.  It smells a bit more like room fragrance to me, which is lucky since they have a room spray and wax tarts in their lineup.
  3. Oogie Boogie OCD Hand Sanitizer – I adore this scent.  It’s a berry scent with a light cinnamon background.  This and Jack were my faves!  I really could have done without the plastic spider suspended in it, but I’m willing to see past that for this scent.
  4. Lock, Shock, and Barrel Bath Melt – This I did not like at all.  It was way too woodsy for me.  It smelled like a really strong pine tree.  And not in a good way like last year’s pine scent.  If you like pine though, this is for you.
  5. Sandy Claws Exfoliating Body Butter – This is an absolute delight to smell.  It’s a spicy chocolate scent.  I think it’s amazing to smell and I really do like the feel of it.  To me, it’s pretty much like Buffy from LUSH.
  6. Zero Dry Shampoo – This was a weird scent for me.  I absolutely loved it in the container.  It was like a slightly spicy peppermint scent that I just couldn’t smell enough.  When I applied it though I guess the pumpkin peeked through a little more and it smelled like cereal to me.  Is that weird?  I think that’s strange.  Anyway, it was okay, but I definitely wasn’t absolutely in love with it.
  7. Holiday Worlds Whipped Cream Body Butter – I received Halloween Town.  And now I want them all.  Halloween Town smells like a nice orange creamsicle to me.  Although the website describes it as bubblegum sweetness.
  8. What’s This? Roll-On Perfume – I liked this scent, but again, it wasn’t something that I was rushing out to get.    I just found it to be a bit too buttery smelling for me.

All in all, a top box and I’m sad to see it go.  I just need to use up all these products that are floating around my house and then I can justify signing up for the box again or purchasing some more body butter from them.  My favorite scents were Oogie Boogie, Jack, Halloween Town, and Sandy Claws.  Now I just need to resist the temptation to buy more than what the coupon code will get me.


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