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Review: Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Lip Balm EDITED

on December 11, 2013

Man, I was so excited about these.  I absolutely adore my Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balms, but they just don’t have a great color selection.  I first heard about these on NouveauCheap’s blog and I thought they were going to be the answer to my prayers.


First off, the packaging is so adorable.  And despite the fact that most people were complaining about it’s small size, I think it’s perfect.  It means a greater chance that I could use it up before it expired.  It’s a clear acrylic that has the product itself in a cavity that is the shape of a lipstick bullet.  Absolutely adorable!

The scent is a little off-putting.  Like floral plastic to me.  And I do find it quite strong for about 5 minutes and then it goes away.  It doesn’t bother me enough to just toss it, but I just wanted to let people know in case they are sensitive to scents.

The color selection is amazing.  There are 20 shades, most of which are without shimmer!!  Seriously, I am so against shimmer in lip products right now.  There are a few with shimmer though if you are a shimmer kind of person.  Of the 20 shades I picked up 2, but I’m only opened Rose Redefined.  I really like this color.  It’s a nice pink that is wearable for every day despite the fact that it looks a bit bright in the tube.


The color payoff of course will vary with each color.  Rose Redefined just looks like my lips but better.  It isn’t all that pigmented, but it certainly does give a tint and a slight sheen like a light lipgloss.  In the beginning anyway.

Bare Lips

Bare Lips

Lips with Rose Redefined

Lips with Rose Redefined

And now the most important factor, the formula.  When I first apply it it feels really nice, although a tad thick.  I actually don’t mind the thickness.  For me, a thick feeling lip balm does make me feel like it will be moisturizing.  And I think perhaps that’s why I like the Almay version.  The difference is that the Almay one actually seems to moisturize my lips and leave them feeling soft while the Maybelline one feels good while it’s on (and it only lasts an hour for me at most), but it doesn’t feel like it leaves my lips soft at all.  In fact, it may actually be sucking some moisture out as it leaves.

I’m not sure what I expected though.  They were just so cute looking and I got sucked into the packaging.  I just need to stop trying to get any Maybelline lip product to work for me.  Unfortunately the bottom line is that the only exciting thing about the Color Elixir Liquid Lip Balms is that there are a lot of colors.  Come on Almay, make more colors of the Color+Care Liquid Lip Balms!

Overall Grade: C.  And really, it probably shouldn’t be even that high.  It’s fine as long as you don’t need a lot of moisture, color payoff, or staying power.

EDITED 12/11/13: This has impressed me over time.  I am still not a fan of the scent.  I just don’t know what it is, but it’s not good.  I don’t know if it needed to “dry out” a bit or what, but now I can say that these are a solid B+ for me.  The moisture and color are pretty good, which is what I bought them for.  They no longer feel like they are sucking out the moisture from my lips.


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