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Review: AmbiEscents from Bed, Bath, & Beyond

on January 14, 2014

So, I’ve been really into wax stuff lately.  I think it’s all due to My Random Favorite Things on YouTube.  And now I really want to buy vendor wax and support small businesses.  Anyway, back to a recent purchase of AmbiEscents products.

I was at Bed, Bath, & Beyond looking for a plug-in tart warmer and this brand had a lot of different options.  And by a lot I mean there were at least 6-7 options of just the plug-in warmers, not including the large variety of full-size warmers that they also carry.  Suffice to say, I’m sure you can find something that fits with your decor in this range.  There were also a lot of clamshell style wax tarts available in a wide range of scents.


I got the Swirl pattern warmer.  It’s almost the same color as the warmer I have from Yankee Candle, but this one is a cute little plug-in that I’m going to be using upstairs in my office.  Personally I think that a plug-in warmer is the best option for that room as I don’t have a lot of “countertop” space in there.  The little plug-in warmers were $9.99 each, but BB&B always has a 20% off coupon floating around (that I always manage to forget when I go).

As for the performance of this 15W lightbulb warmer, it seems to work okay.  I would say as good as any other 15W warmer would.  It didn’t work at all with my parrafin wax from Candles by Victoria, but the AmbiEscents wax (which I think is a parasoy blend) did just fine.


I also purchased 3 of the clamshells that retail for $2.99 each.  One of the scents I picked up though was on clearance for $0.89.  I’ll start with the review of that one.

  • Sugar Pine – this is an amazing smooth pine scent.  At first I didn’t think this threw very well, but it actually filled up my entire lower floor with just the 1 cube
  • Brazilian Sunset – I haven’t yet tried this one, so this description is based off of cold sniff.  I would say it smells kind of like a generic tropical scent.  Not too sweet or too acidic and absolutely no coconut here.
  • Peach Ginger Tea – also another unmelted scent that I will describe based off cold sniff.  It is quite peachy and I didn’t smell any real tea or ginger.

Have any of you tried the AmbiEscents stuff?  Any scents you think I should try next?


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