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My Current Body Care Collection – January 2014

on January 23, 2014

So, this has gotten  little out of control.  I’m not sure how it got this way either.  I think I just enjoyed all of the scents too much and bought like a crazy person.  I haven’t changed the way I store this stuff since the last time I did a collection post.  It all fits pretty nicely in my Rubbermaid Large Bento Box.


So right now I have 3 opened lotions and 14 new lotions with a goal of 6 total lotions.  I also have 1 opened hand cream, 2 new hand creams, and 1 eczema cream that I don’t count with my lotions since I only use it in small areas.


Currently I have 1 opened soap (not pictured) and 4 new soaps with a goal of 4 total soaps.  I also have 2 opened shower gels and 4 new shower gels with a goal of 3 total shower gels.  In this picture I also included the Sandy Paws shower body butter that I didn’t know what category to put it in.

I have my goal total of 2 scrubs :).  I have 3 opened lip balms and 1 new lip balm with a goal of 3 total lip balms.  I also have 2 opened perfumes and 7 new perfumes with a goal of 9 total perfumes.  I really am trying to work my way through those perfumes though.

Body Care No-Buy Rules: I will not buy any more body care items (including subscription boxes) until I am down to 8 lotions, 4 shower gels, and 2 soaps.


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