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Review: Pilot Acroball Pens

on February 14, 2014

Let me just preface this by saying I have never been one to just keep 1 pen at a time.  In fact, I carry 15 pens with me into work where I have another 14 pens in my pen cup.  Suffice to say I’m a bit of an addict and have probably tried every type of pen there is.

The Pilot Acroball pens are a hybrid ink.  For this pen that means that the ink writes like gel, but dries like ballpoint pen.  There are lots of different colors over 3 sizes (0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1mm).  JetPens is a great retailer if you want all the options, they can all be found here.  I bought some of mine at Target and some at JetPens.  I got a 3 pack of the black pens for $4.39 and a 5 pack of 5 different colors for $7.29.  They are each $1.80-$2.50 a piece off of JetPens.  And I got a 3-ink multipen as well, it’s fantastic and only $6.75.

Acroball 0.5mm Pens

Acroball 0.5mm Pens

0.7mmAcroball 3-Point Multi-Pen

0.7mm Acroball 3-Point Multi-Pen

1M Acroball Pens

1M Acroball Pens

Writing with these is such a dream.  It just glides on with the first swipe of the pen.  Even after disuse for over 2 weeks (not that I would ever not use these for that long) they still write perfectly right off the bat.  These have quickly become my favorite pen and I don’t want to even look at all the others in my vast collection.

Overall Grade: A+.  I never want to be without these pens.  My husband even stole one of my black ones (darn him!) and managed to have it stolen from him.  As soon as you try these you’re going to fall in love, so much so that you may start stockpiling them too.


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