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What’s In My Bag: Work Travel Edition (+bonus walking pharmacy)

on February 18, 2014



Recently I went on a trip for work and I thought I’d give a little looksy at what I take in terms of makeup for a work trip.  I normally keep it pretty simple when I’m traveling for work since I run on very little sleep while away.

I am loving this Orla Kiely for Target Beauty Organizer.  I don’t really love that it’s orange (one of my least favorite colors), but it’s a cute enough pattern.


On the one side I had my 2 dual-sided Urban Decay liners, a Jordana eyeshadow pencil, a bareMinerals PrimeTime shadow primer, and my Clinique Lash Doubling mascara.  In the center I kept mostly face products.  I have my bareMinerals PrimeTime Original, Lancome Macquicomplet concealer, bareMinerals Original foundation, bareMinerals Mineral Veil, and Tarte Amazonian Clay blush.  I also have my headband and pencil sharpener in there as well.



On the other side of the case I have my makeup remover wipes just loosely in there.  Then in the pockets on this side of the case I have my eyelash curler, a mini kabuki (that I actually ended up throwing away since it really was pretty useless), a bareMinerals Flawless Face brush, and a bareMinerals Angled Blush brush.

See, not much to my makeup when I’m going for work.  In fact, if I just packed concealer and powder I’d probably be fine.


As a bonus I thought I’d put in my walking pharmacy (coined by Jen from  I keep mine in a small, clear bareMinerals case that I got with some product.  It fits everything perfectly.  It holds typically 3 lip products, my mini crystal nail file, nail clippers, a few hair ties (I get mine from Jennifer on Etsy), and a slim Clinique mirror hiding in the back.  Right now I’m harboring 2 Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balms (Apple a Day and Rosy-lipped) and a Maybelline Color Elixir in Rose Redefined.

What do you travel with for a business trip?  Anything you think I’m missing?


One response to “What’s In My Bag: Work Travel Edition (+bonus walking pharmacy)

  1. […]   I switched up where I store my stuff.  The eye makeup just seems to sit better in the center, so that’s where I put it.  Especially since I’m travelling with more eye makeup because I’m going to 2 weddings and not just travelling for work (which is the last time I did a what’s in my…?, link here).  […]

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