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Haul: Planner Decor

on February 21, 2014

This is not the result of only 1 shop or even just 1 shopping day.  I did go quite a bit crazy though.  I have been watching way too many planner videos on YouTube lately, so I think I can safely say “YouTube made me buy this”.


At the first trip I stopped at Target to pick up some washi tape (a trend among all papercrafters and planner enthusiasts).  I found those cute paper flags in the $1 section and then I found the tape and mini tape set in with the other office supplies.  That Target didn’t have much selection in terms of washi tape, but I did think this pattern was cute.  The washi tape is from Scotch’s Expressions line.  I absolutely adore Scotch, don’t you?  Seriously, I don’t know where I would be without them.


I later went to Target, Staples, and Michaels.  This picture is the result of that.  I first stopped at Michaels and got the 3 washi tapes at the right and the plastic bobbins.  These are usually for thread, but I think they will be perfect for taking my washi tape with me instead of keeping them on the big rolls.  After that I went to Target and got 2 extra fine Sharpie markers and 1 Scotch washi tape.  Staples was a big haul for me.  I got the plastic dividers, 2 Scotch Expressions Magic tape, and 3 Scotch washi tapes.  The plastic dividers were basically just for the plastic.  I plan on making my own version of the Filofax dashboards.  I actually did make 1 for my washi tape code.


I also used the Scotch (love these guys) Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches to make some little post-it holders out of a few photos from my wedding.  Aren’t they just great?  I would definitely want to get more of the laminating pouches.  I think they worked out better than the plastic dividers in terms of durability.  As you can tell, my planner is definitely a work in progress.  I’ve already thought of a few ideas for improvement next year.  I can’t wait and it’s only February!

What’s your favorite thing to decorate your planner?


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