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Haul: Julep + bareMinerals Sale Items :)

So I was out doing some Christmas shopping and I found 2 beauty deals that I couldn’t pass up if you made me.  This is just going to be a quick post so that you guys can hop on these if you want to.

First I went to Sephora and I saw this little beauty:




Julep’s Mind Your Mani was on sale at Sephora for $29, normally $39.  It contains 3 full-size products and 3 nail masks that aren’t sold individually or in any other kit as far as I can see.  It contains the 3 Nail Moisture Masks, a Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, an Oxygen Nail Treatment, and a Freedom Polymer Top Coat.  I’ve never used any of these products before, so watch out for some reviews in the months to come.  I’ve just heard great things about these and I’m glad I got them in a set.  If you go to your Sephora these may be near the checkout line.  It’s so new that the sales associate that was helping me didn’t know where it was and thought they hadn’t gotten them in yet.  Anyway, if you’ve been wanting to try these products I think this is a great value.

The other deal I got today was from Ulta.


I got a bareMinerals High Shine in Moonshine for $6, normally $16.  This is just a gorgeous plummy grey color.  I almost got the 4 piece gift set as well.  It contains a mini Queen Tiffany eyeshadow, a small Golden Gate blush, a mini Marvelous Moxie gloss in Maverick, and a mini Flawless Definition mascara.  I decided not to get it since I have so much makeup already, but I was on the fence about it since it only costs $10.  What a great stocking stuffer!

Hope you enjoyed this tiny haul.


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Open Box: Winter 2013 FCS Soap Box

So sadly I think this is going to be my final soap box.  As much as I adore FCS products, I can’t just can’t keep getting these boxes with stuff I can’t/won’t use (i.e. the bathtub products).  If they should ever make one that is for showers only I would probably sign-up again though.  This gives me a chance to use up all of my products that I have though.


This season’s soap box is themed after Nightmare Before Christmas, as you can see.  And all of these scents just really made me happy except for one, but we’ll get to that in a second.  This box was so much better than the Fall one which surprisingly I didn’t like at all.


Now I’m just going to go over what I thought of each scent.

  1. Jack Bath Fizzy – this is one of my absolute favorite scents this season.  It’s a light, airy lemon with a hint of peppermint.  It’s amazing!
  2. Sally Fortune Cookie Soap – Let’s just say that I absolutely think this is the cutest fortune cookie.  Anyway, the scent is like freshly laundered clothes.  I like it, but I’m not sure I’d want it in everything.  It smells a bit more like room fragrance to me, which is lucky since they have a room spray and wax tarts in their lineup.
  3. Oogie Boogie OCD Hand Sanitizer – I adore this scent.  It’s a berry scent with a light cinnamon background.  This and Jack were my faves!  I really could have done without the plastic spider suspended in it, but I’m willing to see past that for this scent.
  4. Lock, Shock, and Barrel Bath Melt – This I did not like at all.  It was way too woodsy for me.  It smelled like a really strong pine tree.  And not in a good way like last year’s pine scent.  If you like pine though, this is for you.
  5. Sandy Claws Exfoliating Body Butter – This is an absolute delight to smell.  It’s a spicy chocolate scent.  I think it’s amazing to smell and I really do like the feel of it.  To me, it’s pretty much like Buffy from LUSH.
  6. Zero Dry Shampoo – This was a weird scent for me.  I absolutely loved it in the container.  It was like a slightly spicy peppermint scent that I just couldn’t smell enough.  When I applied it though I guess the pumpkin peeked through a little more and it smelled like cereal to me.  Is that weird?  I think that’s strange.  Anyway, it was okay, but I definitely wasn’t absolutely in love with it.
  7. Holiday Worlds Whipped Cream Body Butter – I received Halloween Town.  And now I want them all.  Halloween Town smells like a nice orange creamsicle to me.  Although the website describes it as bubblegum sweetness.
  8. What’s This? Roll-On Perfume – I liked this scent, but again, it wasn’t something that I was rushing out to get.    I just found it to be a bit too buttery smelling for me.

All in all, a top box and I’m sad to see it go.  I just need to use up all these products that are floating around my house and then I can justify signing up for the box again or purchasing some more body butter from them.  My favorite scents were Oogie Boogie, Jack, Halloween Town, and Sandy Claws.  Now I just need to resist the temptation to buy more than what the coupon code will get me.

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Haul: Holiday 2013 Sets

Hello all!  So I’ve gone a bit crazy with these and agonized over which kits to get.  And I’m sad to say that it’s only mid-November and I’ve already purchased my 3 holiday kits for the year (as per my Project Pan 3.0 rule).  Well, technically I bought 5, but 1 is a brush set so it doesn’t count and the other I bought with a gift card so it also doesn’t count.  Anyway, I’m going to show you what I got.

Unsurprisingly I bought only bareMinerals kits this year.  I’m on such a kick right now.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  It’s like my brain is only wired for mineral makeup for no apparent reason.

  1. bareMinerals Fabulous Finishes – $18.31 (including tax)SAM_2639
    I bought this with a 20% off coupon and it was on sale to begin with, normally it would be $30+tax.  This kit included a medium Original Mineral Veil, a small Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil, a small Tinted Hydrating Mineral Veil, a small Balance & Boost Mineral Veil, and a mini Flawless Face brush.  Since I absolutely adore the mineral veils I thought this was quite the steal.  And the medium Original Mineral Veil has the Lock-Go sifter on it which is nice.  I have decided to swap the Brightening Pearl Mineral Veil though as I don’t think I would like that kind.  Even so, this was a great value and I know that I’ll love all the others.
  2. bareMinerals Brush with Splendor – $21.80 (including tax)SAM_2636
    I also bought this with the 20% off coupon.  This kit includes a mini Flawless Complexion brush, a mini Soft Sweep Cheek brush, a mini Tapered Blending brush, and a mini Flat Edged Liner brush.  I am in love with the feeling of all these brushes.  They are just fantastic.  They are also synthetic, just in case you were wondering.  So far I’ve only used the Flat Edged Liner brush, and it’s awesome.
  3. bareMinerals READY to Go Complexion Perfection Palette – $42.73 (including tax)I also got this with the 20% off coupon.  It was a fantastic time at Ulta.  I just love when they send me coupons I can use on prestige items.  Anyway, this palette contains the Creamy Concealer, READY Foundation, READY Touch-Up Veil, Bronzer, and Luminizer.  I got the kit R310 (not the one pictured as it took a while to get the correct color match) which matches the READY foundation in Medium Tan.  I think it’s a great value to find out if I like all the products or not.  And it’s also going to be great for travel.  I can’t wait to take it on my next trip.
  4. bareMinerals All The Faves – $35.97 (including tax)SAM_2641
    This is the one I bought with a gift card.  And it made me realize I had about 3 more dollars on my gift card than I thought, so that’s awesome.  This kit includes a mini Prime Time Foundation Primer, a mini Prime Time Eyelid Primer, a small Original Mineral Veil, a mini READY Blush in The One, a mini READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Epiphany, a small Lash Domination, a small Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Sparkplug, and a small Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready.  This is probably one of my most fun kits.  The sizes are nice and will probably ensure that I can actually finish one.  It’ll be nice.  A lot of people say how the samples are too small, but I think they are just right.  Especially since the READY formulation lasts forever.
  5. bareMinerals 7 Ways to Bare – $41.42 (including tax)SAM_2643SAM_2644
    This is the only set that I bought at the actual boutique.  I went in to swatch it and I ended up walking out with it.  Seriously, all of these colors are right up my alley.  And they seemed to blend (at least on the back of my hand) like an absolute dream.  I can’t wait to try them out!  But of course I will have to until either Project Pan 3.0 is over or I pick one out for the holiday season or using up 5 products.  All of the colors are in the mini size, which is perfect for me: Pearl Sateen, Nude Beach Matte, Chic Nude, Silk Stockings, Pamper, In The Nude, and Spiced Fig Shadow Liner.  The only problem I have with this set is that it didn’t come with any eye charts.  The pamphlet did come with a few ideas in written form, but I prefer the eye charts.  Not a huge issue, just something to keep in mind if you wanted to get this for someone new to makeup or less creative in their eye looks.

All in all I’m really happy with all of my purchases.  And now I don’t have any more room in my makeup storage to put anything so hopefully that will help curb my appetite for new items.  I really don’t need any more makeup (not that I needed it before either).  What holiday kits have you bought?  Which are on your wish list?  Let me know if you’d like to see any in-depth reviews on any of the kits I showed here.

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Haul: Summer 2013 Polishes

So, I’m down to only 1 polish left that I can purchase on my trek to only purchase 8 polishes in 2013.  I may have miscalculate 😦  Anyway, here they are, minus Revlon Dominate which I just purchased a few days ago for the nail look that’s coming up.


You’ve already seen a few of these in NOTDs.  I got 2 Clinique polishes in Summer in the City and Grape Ice, both were limited edition summer colors, but your Clinique counters may still have them.  The other 4 are the mini cube from Essie’s Naughty Nauticals collection for Summer 2013: Full Steam Ahead, Sunday Funday, Naughty Nautical, and The More the Merrier.  Don’t they just look gorgeous?  I can’t wait to try them all!


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Open Box: Summer 2013 Soap Box


Holy bananas have I been waiting for this to come along. I just love all the summer scents normally. And who doesn’t love getting a soap box? I know I look forward to mine every quarter and this box certainly didn’t disappoint.



“One in a Melon” Fortune Cookie Soap – Let me just start by saying that this soap just looks so adorable. I almost don’t want to use it. As for the scent, the description is spot on. It smells exactly like a watermelon Jolly Rancher.

“I Scream, You Scream” Sugar Scrub – I’m so glad they sent one of these as I’ve been dying to try out their sugar scrubs for a while now. This one’s description mentions vanilla, strawberries, and chocolate, but I don’t smell any of the strawberries. It’s a shame too because I love strawberries. Anyway, it smells like a sugary vanilla with a hint of cocoa.

“Body Shot” Don’t Be Jelly! – I think this is supposed to be in the same vein as the LUSH shower jellies. I love this type of product, but this scent is definitely way better than any LUSH scent. It’s a divine raspberry lemonade scent that I think I’ll want to get a lot more of. Do be aware though that this melts in the mail very easily. Just pop it in the fridge and it’s good to go though.

“Aquaholic” Sea Salt Hair Spritz – This smells like a pina colada. And it’s my favorite scent of the box I think. I received a sample of this scent with a previous order and I just knew I’d be buying more stuff in it. And now I know its name!

“Mother Pucker” Shower Steamer – This was a very fresh and floral scent. And out of all these scents it was my least favorite. I think it was just too much of a powdery scent for me. I’ll have to try it in the shower to see if the scent is better once released.

“What? It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!” Whipped Cream – This is described on the card as smelling like a fruity cocktail. I tend to agree. It’s like an extra sweet fruity cocktail. Not my favorite scent, but not so offensive to my nostrils that I tossed it immediately. I love the whipped cream formula so I’ll definitely be bringing this on my next trip.

“Do You Salsa or Mango?” OCD Hand Sanitizer – I really wish they would stop sending these hand sanitizers every single box. I must not go through hand sanitizer like they do. It’s a lovely formula, but I just don’t use hand sanitizer that often. As for the scent, it smelled mostly like a fresh mango with the tiniest hint of cilantro. I didn’t really get any of the lime or chile. Honestly though, it was a bit powerful for me in hand sanitizer format.

“…Where the Sun Don’t Shine” Solid Sunscreen Stick – What an interesting scent. It’s supposed to be a coconut and banana scent. When you first get a whiff the coconut really hits you, but as you exhale the banana comes through. I’m not sure I like solid sunscreen. It just seems like it’s asking for trouble. I’ll give it a whirl though while I’m on vacation this June since I like the scent.

Do you get the Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box? What are your favorite scents from this summer’s box? Mine were Aquaholic, Body Shot, and One in a Melon.

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Open Box: Influenster Something Blue VoxBox

So, this was sent to me for free from Influenster, but all opinions are all my own as usual. Actually, this box was pretty disappointing for me. And I know I shouldn’t really complain since it was free, but there’s almost nothing that I can use in it. The theme was “Something Blue” for weddings. These items are supposed to be great whether you’re in a wedding or just attending one.


Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste – I can’t use whitening toothpaste. I’m sure this works fine though. And it was certainly a full-size tube, so that’s nice.

Q-TIPS Precision Tips – These I will actually use. And having them in the little plastic travel cases is nice. So convenient for travelling with them. These I have used before and I can attest to the fact that they’re great for makeup touch ups and nail polish touch ups.

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions – I don’t think I’ve ever used shoe inserts before. In fact, almost all of my shoes are so comfy that I don’t need them. I will give these a shot though with a pair of heels that aren’t extra comfy.

Urgent Rx Fast Powders – Mine was for headaches, but I never get those unless I’m having a hypoglycemic episode. I’m not sure if this works or anything, but I’m sure it’s fine.

MyTrio Rings – This was a coupon to MyTrio. The concept of this store is pretty cute. It’s to make sure the engagement ring and both wedding bands all coordinate. I won’t be purchasing anything from them as I already have my engagement ring and I love it.

Kiss everEZlashes – These look interesting. I got a pair that I would never wear since they are way too full and unnatural looking. The other pair looks very similar to my Ardell 110s. Definitely not completely natural on me, but not so fake looking that I can’t pull it off. The applicator tool also looks like it could be helpful.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed in this box. In fact, the only product I really can use are those precision tip Q-Tips. Oh well, maybe next box will be better, if I get another box.

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